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How to achieve a beautiful roof

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Your roof plays a crucial role in protecting your home from the elements, but over time, it can become covered in algae, moss, and grime, detracting from its appearance and functionality. Roof washing is the key to restoring your roof’s beauty and durability.

At Central Texas Window Cleaning, we have a comprehensive 5-step process for roof washing that ensures remarkable results.

Step 1: Evaluation of Roof Condition

The first step in the roof washing process is a thorough evaluation of your roof’s condition. We carefully inspect the level of algae growth and assess any other issues that may affect its performance. This initial assessment guides us in determining which steps are necessary to restore your roof to its best possible condition.

Step 2: Landscaping Protection

Protecting your landscaping is a priority during the roof washing process. We take extra care to shield your plants and shrubs from potential harm. Our team waters all plantings around each downspout to prevent any runoff from the cleaning solutions getting onto your cherished plants and shrubs.

Step 3: Two-Stage Cleaning Process

Our roof washing process revolves around a highly effective two-stage cleaning procedure designed to deliver outstanding results:

  • Stage 1: Surfactant Application

We begin by evenly spraying a specialized surfactant onto the roof’s surface, ensuring that all affected areas are thoroughly coated. The surfactant serves a crucial purpose—it allows the cleaning solution to adhere to the roof’s surface, enabling it to work effectively and remove the stubborn algae and grime.

  • Stage 2: Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Following the surfactant application, we apply a sodium hypochlorite solution in the same even coat, covering the entire roof’s surface. This step initiates the deep cleaning process, breaking down and removing the contaminants that have accumulated over time.

Step 4: Exercising Patience

After the application of the cleaning solutions, it’s essential to allow the process to work its magic. Roof washing is not an instant transformation; it’s a gradual process that requires time and patience. It may take a minimum of 48 hours for the cleaning solutions to start working. To achieve a fully clean and beautiful roof, we recommend allowing up to two weeks with one or two rains in between. This natural rinsing aids in the transformation, leaving your roof looking immaculate.

Step 5: Weather Considerations and Our Guarantee

To ensure the roof washing process works efficiently, we require 24 hours of dry weather before and 48 hours of dry weather after the application. Weather conditions can significantly impact the results. If the forecast looks unfavorable, we will reschedule the roof washing for a better day to ensure the best possible outcome.

Guarantee: We stand behind our work. If the weather doesn’t cooperate after we’ve completed the job and the results are less than optimal, we will return and perform a re-wash at no extra charge. Your satisfaction and the cleanliness of your roof are our top priorities.

A clean and well-maintained roof not only enhances the aesthetics of your home but also extends the lifespan of your roofing materials. Our 5-step roof washing process, coupled with our commitment to protecting your landscaping and guaranteeing your satisfaction, ensures that your roof will look its best and continue to protect your home for years to come. 

Don’t let a dirty roof mar the beauty and functionality of your home. Call Us today to schedule your roof washing. Trust in our expertise to restore it to its pristine condition.

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